In Defense of the Lowly Camel

I Swear My Mother Does Not Swear

Mongol Madness

Two Triolets


Elizabeth and Minnie

Donald's Ice Cream Theory

A Tie Tale


Batteries Included

Winding Down

Crisp Air Blew Fresh into Your Blessed Heart

Black Oystercatchers

Northern Harrier

Once While Watching a Fogless Pacific

Quick in the Dark of Nature's Night

We Walked Our Love to Point Cabrillo Light

I Think

In March

My Love Hears Nonsense Every Day

Peter and His Hat


Red Long Johns

And Water Rises

Assinine Sestina has a Haiku


Elegy for Threepence Three-Farthings

Hitchhiking in Venice

Leapfrogging Hearing Aids

Let Me Die Singing and Clapping My Hands

Monks Wood

My Mentor

Twelve Quail Passed by my Window Yesterday

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