Donald Shephard

My wife, Felicity, and I have traveled all over this country. We have lived in many cities, towns, burgs, urban areas, metropolises, conurbations, boroughs, municipalities a megalopolis and one simple place.

Felicity and I first lived in New York to get a sense of the authenticity of the country but the nightly ferocity, adversity, and lack of domesticity led us to move to Minneapolis-Saint Paul. In the twin cities, we met with a scarcity of work and a paucity of luck. The religiosity of the Lutherans, the lack of plasticity and the simplicity of the ethnicity meant we had to move to Colorado like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

In Denver, the luminosity of the light, the opacity of the skies and the simplicity of the life appealed to us both. The periodicity of the seasons gave us a feeling of reciprocity with the Denver citizens. Their generosity and laxity were delightful at first but in time we found their sagacity and perspicacity to be lacking in intensity and full of falsity. So we moved on to California.

In the Golden state, we moved to the university town of Berkeley where we joined the varsity. Felicity studied electricity and I studied the elasticity of time. Here, we met with complicity and our eccentricity was accepted without bellicosity allowing us, at long last, to reach our capacity. Finally, our tenacity has paid off to a nicety.

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